North Creek Humid-i-Fire

Wood Stove Fountain Steamer

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The North Creek Humid-i-Fire® evaporates water more quickly and efficiently than traditional stove top kettles or steamers. As a result, your plants, pets, family and friends are better protected from dry winter air all season long. Add your own potpourri or essential oil to provide a delightful fragrance to your home.

A small thermoelectric generator converts the stove's heat into electrical energy to pump water through the fountain. No power cords, outlets or batteries are required.

While you, your family and friends enjoy the soothing decorative fountain effect, the patent pending Humid-i-Fire is quietly and eco-efficiently providing a healthier, happier and more comfortable home throughout the cold, dry, winter months.

The North Creek is 12 inches in diameter and fits on most medium and large size wood stoves. For more product details see our Support page.

SPECIAL OFFER: We are offering 25 of our Humid-i-Fire fountains to individuals who want to become members of our Beta Test Team. For a $50 dollar refund, answer two surveys and provide us one or more pictures of your Humid-i-Fire in operation on your stove. The first survey will be sent a couple of weeks after you purchase your Humid-i-Fire and the second will be sent in January. Your refund will be sent after you've returned both completed surveys and photographs. The survey results and photographs will be used for product design and marketing purposes.

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